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DREAMGenie System Management

Message Centre  
This feature allows you to send and receive support and notification about available upgrades. (Support contract required). In addition users can use this feature to send and receive messages to other staff members, either groups or individuals, within your organisation.

Site Settings
From here you can configure the ‘Look and Feel’ of your whole site. Because all settings are entered using templates no knowledge of HTML coding is required. Everything from the site colours, headers, footers, backgrounds, email defaults, terms of use, menus and CSS themes can be set from here. Even once your site is up and running in just a few clicks you can give your site a complete makeover.

File Management
From here you can upload images or documents and other content to your image/document bank. You can also create your own directory structures. Your initial site comes with some handy image content to help get you started.

System Stats / Help
From here you can access some basic system stats although registered Google users can also gain access to Google Analytics. There is also extensive help available throughout the site.