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DREAMGenie Web Engine

Behind every DREAMgenie website is the powerful DREAMgenie Web Engine. Normal websites have to be designed and built to order, usually from scratch, making them time consuming and costly to set up.

Once completed adding additional features may mean going back to your web provider and commissioning new work. This all takes time and money as any new code will have to be written and tested at additional expense.

DREAMgenie Web Engine is DIFFERENT

DREAMgenie is just like a box of Lego bricks there are lots of different bricks in the box that each perform a different function, and just like Lego you can put them together in any way you want. More importantly you can start off with just a few bricks, then if required you can buy additional bricks later on. Just like the Lego people we also are constantly developing new bricks to improve our models and you can buy these as and when the need arises. You can even change the colours of our bricks!

Lego is designed for all ages and abilities and DREAMgenie Websites are the same. First time users can buy a custom set of bricks pre-configured to make the site of their choice, and if required we can even put it together for you. Others may just want some bricks so they can experiment and do their own thing.

DreamGenie’s extensive features set can be easily controlled via the system control panel. Depending on your requirements some or all of these features will be enabled. Additional features can always be enabled at a later date should your requirements change.