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Who Controls My Website Content ?
With DREAMgenie Websites you are in control of ALL the content within your site. Using either a WYSIWYG editor (Looks like Microsoft Word) or custom Templates you or Staff members can make immediate changes to your site in just a few seconds.  Using DREAMgenie’s powerful Gallery manager images can be uploaded from your PC/MAC, resized and filed away automatically, making creation your WebPages easy. To access the DREAMgenie Control Panel just log in from any web browser as there is no software to install, you can even run it from an internet enabled phone.

We don’t currently have a Domain Name ?
No problem, we can take care of all that for you all at no extra charge.

What happens to my existing Website ?
It is a three stage process to transfer any existing site, if you have one, to a new DREAMgenie site.

Step One —We would set you up a holding site with a temporary URL on our UK servers and copy as much of your existing site as you want retained into this new site.

Step Two —You can then make any additions or changes to the content of the new site until you are completely happy. We can also undertake any training that may be required with you or any of your Staff in managing the site and it’s content.

Step Three —Then only when you are satisfied with the new site would we make the site active by transferring the DNS of your current site to point to the new site (this process can take up to 24 hours).

What happens to my existing Email ?
You can choose to leave all any email with your existing provider or we can incorporate that with your Website.

Are DREAMgenie websites expensive ?
No, because DREAMgenie sites are modular our basic sites start from as little as £100 including 12 months FREE hosting. Even our top of the range sites incorporating all DREAMgenie’s extensive features are only a few thousand pounds.

What support will I get ?
Included with every DREAMgenie Website is access to a comprehensive online  support manual and in addition there are also optional UK based support packages available from as little as £50 per annum

How long will it take ?
This will depend on the features and amount of bespoke work to be done however a basic site can be created the same day.