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DREAMGenie Accommodation Management

Front Desk 
This powerful feature provides a graphical interface to the latest accommodation availability and tariff information for every room in your hotel. Colour codes represent the basic status of any room whilst 'mousing over' a particular booking will display additional information in a bubble help. Clicking on a booking Ref No will take you to a screen where any changes can be made in real time.

Rooms can be booked in one of three ways

  • Online - by the Guest directly.
  • Manually - by a staff member where all the guests booking details are kept within DREAMgenie (not payment details).
  • Quick Book - by a staff member where only the name and date are recorded.

    Following a booking confirmation emails are sent to both the Guest and the hotel. DREAMgenie currently uses PayPal to process guest payments. A user definable deposit of between 0% and 100% can be made at the time of booking. (Online bookings only).

    DREAMgenie gives you the option to offer your rooms EITHER by type OR by individual rooms themselves. So for example you may have 4 Standard Double rooms that are all of a similar style in which case your guest would simply select the type of room they require, in this case Standard Double, and DREAMgenie would allocate the actual room number according to availability, but your guest would not be aware of the room selected for them until they arrived. Or it may be that all you double rooms are significantly different from each other, in this case DREAMgenie allows you to 'Drill Down' through the Accommodation Type, Standard Double, to the room level and let your guest see the exact room that they are booking. It is also possible to offer a mixture of these two options.

    Accommodation Extras 
    To simplify the creating and formatting of text content about rooms all the common room features can be pre-configured in advance. Then by simply selecting them from a list when setting up the room this additional text will be pre-formatted in an attractive table. DREAMgenie can also accommodate where there is an additional charge for any extra.

    Maintain Seasons
    It may be a requirement that you want to charge your customers different prices according to the time of year, DREAMgenie accommodates this by means of the Seasons feature. If you charges the same price all year round then you would just create one single season to cover the whole of that year. There is no limit to the number of seasons you can create in a year and it is also possible to 'Nest' one season within another. For example your Low season may run between October and March but you can 'insert' a higher tariff inside that for say the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Additionally you may want to increase the minimum length of stay for this period to 2 or more days.

    You have the option to set a number of different prices depending on the length of stay of your guest. For simplicity however you may decide to set only a [Base Rate] in which case the total cost of any stay will be calculated using the formula: (no of nights x the base rate). Optionally you can set prices for stays of between 1 and 14 nights. Where a guests stay spans two different seasons then the price will be calculated accordingly.

    Accommodation Unavailability
    Not all your room bookings will come via your website, some my come via the phone whilst other repeat bookings when the guest is still present. It could just be that a particular room is closed due to refurbishment for a while. You can use the unavailability feature to simply tell the online booking system that these rooms are not available to be sold. Remember an overview of room availability is always available via the backoffice FrontDesk view.

    Where however you want to allocate some of your rooms to an External Booking Service like Late Rooms the website will still offer these rooms for sale, but your email confirmation of any online booking will include a reminder to make this room unavailable to your external booking service.

    Other Accommodation Types
    DREAMGenie has been designed to deal with a wide range of accommodation types with featues to support the various needs. Accommodation Types include hotel/bed and breakfast rooms, buildings such as cottages or villas, also caravans, tents, and boats. So for example if you are letting caravans out by the week then just set the minimum length of stay to 7 nights. Or if you offer two price levels, Low and High season, then just configure the start and end dates of the two seasons. If the price that you charge varies with the length of stay then Tariffs can be setup to have specific pring for stays of between 1,2,3,7 and 14 nights (Stays of more than 14 nights are possible)