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Flooding in Pakistan

10 August 2010 06:38

Floods get worse in Pakistan
Northern Pakistan has been affected by the worst floods in living memory – according to government figures almost 14 million people have been affected.

Heavy monsoon rains have washed away many roads and bridges, destroyed houses and left hundreds of thousands of people stranded in Pakistan.

Helicopter rescue in the north west has been grounded and an alert has been issued for the south.

Continued monsoon rain in Pakistan is hampering efforts to help over 13 million people affected by the flooding in much of the country.

Things are getting worse. The rains had subsided but are back again.

Officials say over 600,000 homes have been destroyed, and around over 1.3m acres of agricultural land have been flooded and 9,000 cows have died.


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Floods in Pakistan
Floods in Pakistan

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